About Us

Catherine Koehn, LM

Catherine  is recently South Carolina Licensed in 2010 to provide primary care to pregnant women in the home.   She offers midwifery services for Home Birth, including water birth options. Also, Catherine is a DONA trained doula as well and serves women in the hospital in this capacity as well as offering Childbirth Education Classes to clients and the public.  

Catherine felt the calling to Midwifery in 2005, and completed Dar La Luz Midwifery Studies in 2009. During this time she served her apprenticeship with Licensed Midwives Susan Smart and Lisa Byrd, building her experience from not only the home, but free-standing birth center as well. She has two children in which she experienced hospital and home water birth. She has been attending births since 2006. Catherine and her family are very active in her church, Heart's Cry and in her local MOPS group.